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The administration of the Congregation  
The Congregation's mother house is located in Rome. It is the residence of the Superior General and the General Council.

Obviously, the Congregation has established its mother house in Rome because that city is the heart of the Catholic Church and because the Brothers of Charity are a papal congregation. The Congregation is headed by a Superior General. He is elected by the General Chapter. This election take place every six years.The General Council, and the Provincial and Regional Superiors meet on a regular basis to execute the decisions of the General Chapter. The atmosphere at those meetings may be described as fraternal.

At this very moment the General Administration consists of the Superior General, a vicar-general, and three general assistants. In addition, there is also a secretary-general and a general bursar.
For the period 2012 – 2018 the following Brothers sit on the General Council:
   - Brother René Stockman as Superior General
   - Brother Jos Mathijssen as vicar-general
   - Brother Jean Mbeshi as second assistant
   - Brother Victor Hugo Merine Conde as third assistant
   - Brother Adrian Hartotanojo as fourth assistant

The Pontifical Belgian College

The General Residence also houses the Pontifical Belgian College, i.e. the home of all Belgian seminarians and priests who take courses at one of the pontifical institutes. Dirk Smet is the rector of the college since 2009.
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