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call for psychosocial support to traumatized children in the Central African Republic
Posted on 10-10-2014
Inauguration of centre in Flores
Posted on 26-09-2014
Ndera, Rwanda: New life in Africa
Posted on 25-08-2014

Consecration devotional chapel Triest (Ghent)
Ghent – 24 June 2014 Within the scope of the beatification process of the Founder, Peter Joseph Triest, a devotional chapel was consecrated and opened to the public at the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent.
17 Masters of the Social Doctrine of the Church
Ghent – 24 June 2014 On Tuesday 24 June, the Guislain Formation Centre played host to the graduation ceremony for the 17 students who earned their master’s degree in the Social Doctrine of the Church.